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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: What your Camp Does


Red Dead Redemption 2 Online mode contains a camp. It’s quite a bit different from your singleplayer camp though, so we’ll go through what changed and what your camp does in RDR2’s multiplayer.

You can move your camp around from the item wheel (open weapon wheel, press :r1: / :rb: and select the camp at the bottom). During the online tutorial your camp will stay in a fixed location but later on it changes location automatically every in-game day. Relocating a small camp costs $1 and allows for 1-4 players to be in your posse. Relocating a big camp costs $2 and allows you to have 1-7 posse members.

Your camp is always marked on the map and the HUD (looks like a green triangle icon). If you can’t find it, turn your character in the direction of the HUD’s camp icon so that your character’s arrow is pointing toward the camp. Then open the map and follow in a straight line of where your character is facing. If you still can’t find it, just move it to a new place. There is no way to fast travel directly to your camp so you’re going to have to ride there each time.

All Online Camp Upgrades

Below are all possible online camp upgrades. Look at Cripps inside your camp by pressing :l2: + :triangle: / :lt: + :y: to start buying the upgrades. Buying 5 camp upgrades (e.g. 5 flag colors for $50 each) will unlock the “Home Comforts” trophy / achievement.





Cripps’ Outfits (he’s your camp companion but these are only cosmetic outfits for him with no benefits to you):

Cooking Meat

To get the trophy and achievement “Master Craftsman” for crafting 20 items, you can simply cook 20 pieces of meat. Since you need a campfire, your camp is the only place to do it. You can store the cooked meat in your satchel.

Retrieve Purchased Items

You can press :left: to buy items from the portable catalog. They will get delivered to the box in your camp as well as the post office.

Customize Outfit

You can view your wardrobe at your tent and change your outfit.

Safe Zone

Your camp is a safe zone where other players cannot attack you. However, by lowering your flag you can remove the safe zone if you are looking for a fight! Look at it with :l2: to lower the flag. The flag colors can be changed by purchasing them from Cripps.

That’s all the functionality your online camp offers in Red Dead Redemption 2. Hope you learned something new. For more guides, check out our full Red Dead Redemption 2 Strategy Guide.

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