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Red Dead Redemption 2 Online: Gang Hideouts Locations Guide


There’s plenty of shenanigans to get up to in Red Dead Redemption 2‘s newly released online mode, Red Dead Online. This multiplayer offering is loaded up with all kind of things to do, but making money is certainly a priority for anyone that wants to be decked out in the finest equipment sooner rather than later. While earning money fast in Red Dead Online is possible, going off and taking on Gang Hideouts is one of the easier ways to begin amassing an in-game fortune immediately.

Anyone that’s played through the main campaign and encountered a Gang Hideout will be happy to see that this feature has carried over to Red Dead Online, but it’s a slightly different beast than it was in the few portions of Red Dead Redemption 2. The Gang Hideouts in Red Dead Online are actually random encounters, but it’s possible for players to travel through several spawning areas for these side missions in the hopes of encountering them.

Riding through a spawning area in Red Dead Online will often make the Gang Hideout event appear on the player’s map – even if they aren’t made immediately aware of the event. As a result, heading towards these points of interest should be enough to kick off the mission (via IGN):

Anyone still struggling to find one of Red Dead Online‘s Gang Hideouts on their map should be fine if they ride through the above locations. More importantly, once the Gang hideout has been completed in Red Dead Online, players have a chance of securing a treasure map from the boss hidden within the area. They’ll be given the choice of either killing or letting the shady leader go free, but this won’t impact whether or not they can receive the map. All they need to do is either loot his body or break into a nearby lockbox for the opportunity to receive the parcel – although it doesn’t guarantee a map every time.

If someone comes too late to a Gang Hideout excursion, they only need to leave the area for a moment and come back. It should restart for anyone that has yet to do it, so there’s nothing to worry about for those that miss the first run at it. Of course, that doesn’t mean other users won’t try to grief you in Red Dead Online and interrupt the entire process, but having a few posse members along for the ride should act as a deterrent.

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