//Another Birthday is Here!

Another Birthday is Here!

In a few days I’ll be that huge number 41. That big-ole number I never thought I’d achieve. At the same time it’s a small little number that looks a little lonely, like it needs a friend. Maybe a buddy? I’m not sure.

“Forty” needed a big celebration with friends and “Forty-one” a celebration with my sweetheart. Quite the opposite of last year, not on a level of importance. This girl, who made it through 365 days of 2017 is a wonder or perhaps a bit of a mess – a chaotic one. Feeling like a crazed teenager on a TV program. Or really, more likely a novel, where you don’t understand or know what is going on. Until those last 40 pages, where you are left wondering does that really happen? No way! In my world, it could.

Somehow I got through it, I did it with countless bumps and bruises. An unknown number of steroids working in my brain; partnered with my anti-cancer medication Lorlatinib. The jury is still out, investigating who was more detrimental to me. I cannot forget how I treated Spencer during much of the time. It is embarrassing – closing my eyes; seeing the snippets that remain. How could I do some of that stuff? It makes me feel ill in my tummy, but not cancer sick, more like how could I be that way sick? I might just be a fruit-loop like my former lovers claim.

I’m not at all sure where this quote came from. I reconnected with it in one of my writing pads a few days ago – I’m a fan. “Be brilliant in every way possible!” Okay, I’ll do that. Maybe many of us should. I am pretty certain I can come up with a few people who should.

You too?

I intend to carry that quote, message, or whatever you want to call it, with me as I pass through the next few days.

Be brilliant in every way possible.

Be brilliant in every way possible.

Be brilliant in every way possible.

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